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Dedicated to enhancing and improving educational experiences of students within Monroe County.

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Mentoring is a powerful avenue to provide positive personal contacts for our “at-risk” youth. Your influence can build a foundation of basic values and challenge students to take responsibility for their actions.

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October 2017

Students from underrepresented groups tend to perform better at elite colleges, but the overwhelming number of minority and first-generation students attend open- or near-open-access public institutions, speakers noted.

How to Help Disadvantaged Students Reach the Middle Class / Read Full Article 


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take stock in children graduation celebration

The Monroe County Education Foundation recognized the accomplishments of its 51 Take Stock in Children graduating scholars on May 25, 2019…READ MORE

A sincere “thank you” to our wonderful mentors!

Dear Take Stock in Children Mentor,
We held our 18th graduation event on Saturday, May 19th when 58 Take Stock in Children scholars… READ MORE

Mentors Urgently Needed!

Are you ready to make a difference? Take Stock in Children, the flagship college scholarship program of the Monroe County Education Foundation, is ready to welcome… READ MORE

Colleges Ponder: Are Remedial Classes the Best Way to Help?

Lulu Matute still remembers the sinking sensation she felt when she heard the news. It was the fall of 2012… READ MORE

Please join us for graduation

The Monroe County Education Foundation will recognize the accomplishments and celebrate the graduation of 54 Take Stock in Children scholars on… READ MORE

Monroe County Sets a New Record in Study Abroad

Thirty (30) Monroe County scholars will be spending part of their summer in a foreign country, thanks to the Experiment in International Living (EIL) and the generosity of… READ MORE

Eugene Robinson Speaks to Donors, Mentors, and Students

Eugene Robinson, columnist for The Washington Post and MSNBC contributor, visited Key West on Sunday March 5th and Monday March 6th… READ MORE

It’s Time to Change What We Mean by ‘Credential’

Today it is widely accepted — if often still debated — that job preparation is one of the fundamental purposes of higher education. College-issued credentials play a major role in the way employers evaluate talent… READ MORE

Take Stock in Children welcomes 82 new scholars

Most of us have probably not given much thought to the year 2023. But for a group of seventh grade fortunate and hard-working Monroe County students… READ MORE

How to Help Disadvantaged Students Reach the Middle Class

Gaping opportunity gaps between low-income students and their peers can be plugged only if campuses share data and success strategies… READ MORE

Ads Spell Out What Career and Technical Education Really Is — and Who It’s For

Given the emphasis that the public puts on getting a job after college graduation, you’d think that something called “career and technical education” would light up the… READ MORE

Can ‘Guided Pathways’ Keep Students From Being Overwhelmed by Choice?

When the Community College of Baltimore County helped spearhead what would become a national movement to streamline community-college graduation requirements… READ MORE

Experiment in International Living Announces Essay Winners

“We are notifying 15 merit-based scholarship winners who applied to our exclusive essay contest for Monroe County, Florida. These outstanding students have been accepted by… READ MORE

Public Benefits from College Graduates

At a time of rising tuition, it is understandable that proponents of higher education trumpet the college earnings premium. Despite the rising cost… READ MORE