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Experiment in International Living

Experiment in International Living (EIL), Monroe County, has been a companion program sponsored by MCEF since 2006. In fact, our county has one of the highest rates of student participation in EIL, nationally!

Through the program, area high school students benefit from the experience of living abroad with families for 3-5 weeks during the summer. The various program themes are designed to instill a deeper cultural awareness, nurture relationships through the development of language skills, and encourage many other hands-on activities. EIL has offered these opportunities, nationally, since 1932. Learn more at the EIL website.  

Students who travelled on an Experiment during the summer of 2016 have recently returned.  Here is the link to an article about their experiences.

You can read more about our students who have travelled below.

Effectiveness Study

Our Academic Affairs Committee recently studied the effectiveness of EIL among Take Stock in Children Monroe County students.  We identified 14 TSIC students who, while in high school, took part in an EIL trip, and we examined those students’ rates of college completion.

  •  13 (93%) earned at least an Associate’s degree

  •  10 of the 14 (71%) earned a Bachelor’s degree

Both statistics are well above the averages for college completion percentages for all TSIC students in general.  Students attended an equally diverse collection of colleges and universities earned degrees in a variety of fields including:

  • Anthropology

  • Communications

  • Economics

  • Finance

  • Mechanical Engineering

While this study was never intended to provide causal evidence, the data indicate a strong positive correlation between those students who took part in an EIL trip and college completion.

Student Work

Watch one of our student’s video impressions of his experience in Peru.


To see what three students who participated in an Experiment in International Living in the summer of 2015 took away from their experience, read their essays below.

Kenya T.—Coral Shores High School, Key Largo, FL  (Spain: Regional Cultures) (PDF)

Natalia G.—Coral Shores High School, Tavernier, FL (Vietnam Ecology and Conservation) (PDF)

Hannah C.—Marathon High School, Marathon, FL (Botswana: Wildlife, Ecology, and Culture) (PDF)