Meet the Board

MCEF_Board_300x300-Roxy Castro.jpg

Roxy Castro

Treasurer, Executive Committee

“The knowledge and insights to uncover opportunities and the commitment to see them through.”

MCEF_Board_300x300-Mary Chambers.jpg

Mary Chambers

Nominations Chair, Executive Committee 

“Education is a great equalizer. MCEF provides all Monroe County students educational opportunities for success.

MCEF_Board_300x300-Bruce Cohen.jpg

Bruce Cohen

Working to make sure that everyone has a chance to succeed.”

MCEF_Board_300x300-Alyson Crean.jpg

Alyson Crean

“Mentoring is the key to fostering a bright future – for our kids and for our community.”

Gavin Dietrich 2.jpg

Gavin Dietrich

James Drake.jpg

James Drake

MCEF_Board_300x300-Bill Goldner.jpg

Bill Goldner

“Education and mentoring are the keys to success for our economically disadvantaged students and their families.”

MCEF_Board_300x300-Bryan Green-op2.jpg

Bryan Green

President, Executive Committee 

“This is the most amazing program and allows me the opportunity to repay those who made it possible for me to become the first in my family to secure a degree.”

MCEF_Board_300x300-Jesse Hammers.jpg

Jesse Hammers

“To give back to the organization that helped me achieve my goals of obtaining a higher education.”

MCEF_Board_300x300-Jackson Kaufelt.jpg

Jackson Kaufelt

“Helping the younger generation of our community achieve their goals.”

MCEF_Board_300x300-Chuck Licis.jpg

Chuck Licis

Executive Director, Executive Committee 

MCEF_Board_300x300-Eric Mealus.jpg

Eric Mealus

Vice President, Executive Committee 

“Helping others to improve their lives through my experiences and knowledge.”

MCEF_Board_300x300-Wayne Miller.jpg

Wayne Miller

“There is no better investment of time and energy than that spent in the education of our young people.”

MCEF_Board_300x300-John Padget.jpg

John Padget

President Emeritus, Executive Committee

"Empowering Monroe's students to break out of their previously predictable paradigms."

MCEF_Board_300x300-Bryant Pantano.jpg

Bryant Pantano

“Help provide a platform for students to live their dream.”

Mark Porter

Superintendent of Monroe County Schools

MCEF_Board_300x300-Ron Saunders.jpg

Ron Saunders

MCEF_Board_300x300-Tim Sullivan.jpg

Tim Sullivan

“Opening doors to a happy and productive life is the governing purpose of Take Stock In Children. I am honored to be of service in that cause.”

MCEF_Board_300x300-Tom Wilson.jpg

Tom Wilson

“No better investment of time than helping kids succeed through providing education opportunities.”