Become a TSIC Mentor!

Why Mentor?

Mentoring is a powerful avenue to provide positive personal contacts for our “at-risk” youth. Your influence can build a foundation of basic values and challenge students to take responsibility for their actions. They can start to set goals and understand the importance of staying in school. As students begin to realize that someone cares, school absenteeism decreases and academic performance improves.

By building self worth and demonstrating that someone cares, students will have a better chance of staying in school and playing a productive role in the community. As a successful person, you will be able to share your experiences with a student and open a new world of possibilities to them.


Who Can Be A Mentor?

A mentor is a responsible adult who is willing to share time with a student on a consistent basis. The mentor will show the student that someone cares about them and wants them to stay in school. You will become a friend and a role model to a student who may not otherwise have an adult to guide their actions and choices, which are critical to their future success.

What Does A Mentor Do?

A mentor commits to working with a student at school for a minimum of 1/2 hour a week during the school year. The mentor should maintain a consistent meeting schedule in order to develop and nurture a relationship with the student. During the weekly meetings, the mentor may progress through various discussion topics, help the student set goals, or simply listen. Take Stock in Children is not a tutorial program. We encourage helping the student with some homework, but sometimes the student just needs someone who will listen and provide encouragement.


Where Do I Mentor?

All mentoring is done on the school campus, usually in the library, cafeteria, or other commons area of the school. Mentor-student meetings take place ONLY at school and during elective class periods.

When Can I Mentor?

Mentoring sessions take place during the school year, during school hours on school grounds. A schedule is arranged between you, your student and his or her Take Stock Success Coach as to when would be the best time for you and your student to meet.

How Does A Mentor Know What To Do?

After an initial orientation and training session, you will meet your student at school during a mentor-student gathering. A Take Stock Success Coach will provide guidance and support on site. A mentor handbook provides helpful information and tips to guide you in the mentoring process. Also, the foundation has a web site at www.takestockinchildren.org.

How Does A Mentor Benefit?

There is an opportunity for personal growth, developing new skills, and making new friends of all ages. Additional benefits may include the satisfaction of helping children learn, recognition for contributing to the community, and a higher productivity and creativity at work.

When you have decided to make the commitment to work with a Take Stock student, you can complete a Take Stock in Children mentor application. You will attend a scheduled Take Stock Mentor Training session with Take Stock staff and sign a commitment form with the student and a Take Stock Success Coach as to your meeting time and method of communication. You will then be matched with a student who will benefit from your influence.

Qualities Of Effective Mentors

  • Have a genuine concern for young people

  • Respect and accept different points of view

  • Respect the right of individuals to make their own choices

  • Relate well to individuals with different experiences and cultures

  • Can empathize with another person’s problems

  • Are patient and good listeners

  • See solutions as well as obstacles

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Who can be a mentor?

“Mentors are not tutors or counselors; they are compassionate, caring adults who agree to meet with a student on campus during the school day once a week for 30 to 45 minutes,” program coordinator Chuck Licis explained. “We screen, background check, and train all mentors before pairing them up with our Take Stock scholars, and there is a college success coach in each area to assist the mentors and students.”

Become a mentor!

A child is waiting for his or her chance of a lifetime—a college scholarship—but we need your help to make the dream a reality! If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Chuck Licis at 305-293-1546 or at chuck.licis@keysschools.com.